Document recording

We can offer you innovative possibilities to overcome the daily flood of data in the office. Our capture software quickly and securely converts paper and electronic documents into valuable information for your business processes. All conventional input tasks are carried out highly efficiently with the latest technology and a licensing model that will surprise you.


80% of al information is hidden in unstructured data. Our capturing platform makes this information reusable for you, regardless of how it is obtained or which format it is in: in paper via a scanner or MFPs, electronic by means of email or fax, via mobile devices or from directories. The processing is highly automated, so that you hardly have to enter any data manually. The information acquired is then passed onto your specialist application or archive systems directly, so that you can work more efficiently.

Your benefits

Quick introduction

because no fat clients have to be installed at workspaces.

Intuitive user interface

which reduces the training time considerably.

Fully multi-client capable

which allows more freedom in reporting.

Easy to integrate into other applications

because the architecture is based on open standards.

Easy to maintain

because access is solely via a web browser.

Can be used flexibly

in Windows, Mac or Linux environments.