Workflow solution for your e-mail inbox!

Speicherkraft Optimail is an additional service tool that is able to 
receive, process, optimize and forward emails. The prerequisite for this is that the multifunction printer supports Scan2Mail.

How it works:


01. Receiving

The email with the attachment will be taken from Optimail‘s own internal SMPT server.
Optimail takes over the emails and processes these – depending on the configuration – fully automatically.


02. Edit

The attached document is read in up to 100 OCR languages.
In addition, Optimail can make an image enhancement, the automatic page rotation can be added, or the resolution can be interpolated. 
All this can be done individually in the settings.


03. Sending

Subsequently, the document is forwarded to the internal SMTP server and final sent.
The parameters for this can be set variably.

System Requirements:


(depending on the scan volume)

2 CPU cores
(depending on the scan volume may be much more necessary)
from Windows Server 2008R2


Server-based OCR
automatically rotate pages
image enhancement
unlimited in pages
unlimited in CPU cores
configurable compression