Reading invoices

Speicherkraft solutions can be used to automate various processes in financial accounting. Examples are the reading-in of invoices, through to detection of item data and the editing of orders or credit notes – including integration into leading solutions such as SAP or Infor LN, M3 etc.

The processes in accounting are of vital importance for companies, since they ensure the financial security of the company. Speicherkraft frees you from manual processes in the financial department, such as the reading of header and footer data, through to the individual invoice items, as well as booking in the ERP system. Speicherkraft also supports order validation and the approval of invoices.

This allows the increased use of discounts for early payment, as well as quicker and more accurate processing of data.



Function & possibilities

Speicherkraft solutions allow a considerably quicker setup for reading invoices than that from conventional competitors. Do not be confused by pretty demo environments: the costs are incurred during the roll-out and not during the demo.


The classification of commercial documents is the first hurdle in reading documents. Here, the software automatically makes a distinction without the mandatory use of barcodes and detects invoices, credit notes, orders, delivery notes etc. This process runs fully automatically, can be set up with a few training examples and is not limited to the form and type of certain documents.

Data extraction / reading-in vouchers

Each incorrectly-booked voucher leads to problems in the following process steps and causes costs due to manual corrections. Errors can be avoided with automatic reading of invoices and the reading-in process can be sped up. The person carrying out the work no longer needs to enter the complete invoice data, instead they only correct data that was incorrect or not detected. This approach makes the booking of the invoice quicker and reduces incorrect entries to a minimum.


Improve cash flow

The bottom line is what counts: automation of invoice reading not only speeds up the process, it also creates transparency.

Quicker booking

The software provides you with valuable time for things more important than the booking of invoices.

Use discounts

Automation enables you to use discounts and avoid interest due to payment delays.

Increased transparency

You have a better overview due to quicker processing of invoices, orders and credit notes.

Increased productivity and employee satisfaction

Free your employees from manual tasks.

Integration into your ERP

Thanks to the powerful Speicherkraft APIs, integration into your ERP solution is very easy. Interfaces such as SAP and Infor are included in the standard.


We can also offer you all these benefits as a cloud service!