The unique print management system that allows you to have perfect control of your company printing, which increases productivity, protects sensitive information and reduces overall printing costs!


YSoft SafeQ is a first-class print management suite for companies, the modular solutions of which allow organisations to get a high degree of control over their print environment, which reduces costs, guarantees increased security of documents and adherence to regulations, increases productivity in the office and enables more environmentally-friendly printing.

Regardless of whether your organisation is a major bank, an insurance company, a university, a small independent company, a non-profit organisation or a government institution, with YSoft SafeQ you get full access and optional control of your print environment with complete adherence to all company regulations. With all this combined information, you ensure smooth, efficient operation.


Main features

Print Roaming

Allows seamless printing, whenever and wherever you want. Regardless of in which building, on which campus, in which city or on what continent you are – you can always securely access your print job.

Rules-based printing

With rules-based printing, you can stipulate the printing guidelines of your organisation on the basis of the access rules for users and the company’s printing rules.


Thanks to authentication, you benefit from secure access to your printers and copying devices. Only authenticated users have access to these devices.


Reports offer combined and detailed reports for individual users, departments and/or devices and allow cost allocation, consumption, load and efficiency of your printing environment to be determined. Pre-determined or amended reports can be called up easily and displayed via the web or in a Microsoft Excel document.

Mobiler Druck

Mobile printing allows secure printing via mobile devices and the web with any desired devices (smartphones/iPads/laptops). You do not need to install any additional software tools or printer drivers.

Scan management

With the scan management, you can easily and securely scan documents at the click of a mouse and attach them to an email or save them in a pre-defined folder. Scan workflows can be amended and easily integrated into existing business processes.

Credit note management

The management of credit notes and invoicing allows independent printing in return for payment, for example in educational institutions or copy shops. This feature enhances your print reports with a further dimension: assign costs to a specific customer or project in order to trace and calculate print-outs.

Professional service

Our professional services guarantee a uniform design as well as seamless provision and use of the YSoft SafeQ suite of solutions by our standardised global operational excellence(GOE) framework.

Software subscription

With a software subscription, you get an introduction to the YSoft SafeQ solution with straightforward starting costs. You only pay for the number of devices actually used.

Your challenges

Most organisations do not have an overview of their printing costs or the use of their printer. It is thus very difficult to optimise the print environment and to find out possibilities for cost savings.

YSoft SafeQ offers proven solutions for the monitoring and administration of the whole print environment. You thus reduce your costs, increase the efficiency of your workflows, guarantee the security of your data and protect the environment.

Inefficient workflows

Users must carry out additional steps, which leads to more time being required and lower productivity.

Damage to the environment

Use of paper, resources and electricity lead to unnecessary costs and are opposed to the social obligations of a company.

Lower productivity

Users are not in a position to use the organisation’s printer best suited to the respective job or to send print jobs from outside, when on business trips, for example, which impairs their productivity.

Irrecoverable costs

Incomplete assignment of printing costs to customers and departments leads to calculable costs not being able to provide a return.

Time-intensive administration

Provision and ongoing management (this also concerns user access roles and authorisations) is difficult, inefficient and time-intensive.

Unknown printing costs

Incomplete tracking and decentralised costs make the optimisation of the print environment more difficult. Also, areas with potential for savings can only be found with difficulty.

Security risks

Confidential data may get into the hands of unauthorised persons, which could constitute a breach of security regulations.

SafeQ print management

In companies around the world, money is wasted for colour prints that could have been printed in black and white. Or superfluous prints are created, because the user does not delete print orders that are not required from the queue. YSoft SafeQ print management administers all print jobs in your company. It solves problems in connection to printing, minimises costs, increases costs and guarantees a high level of security.

Print queues

You increase the security of sensitive documents through secure printing. The print jobs can be approved at any of the company’s printers. Shared queues allow the joint use of print jobs, for example between employees within a department.

Print job management

Frequently-required documents can be saved as favourites and printed with a click. Jobs to be printed again can be selected directly at the MFP panel. Documents that are not needed can be deleted from the queues.

Rules-based printing

You avoid the printing of numerous documents on expensive printers. You ensure that emails are only printed in black and white. You increase the security of confidential documents by automatic watermarking with user names.

Mobile Printing

You can print at any time and everywhere, outside the office, at home or on public transport. Print jobs can be sent directly from a smartphone or iPad.


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