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At Manhart | Einsle | Partner Rechtsanwälte (Law Firm), an enormous amount of documents are received daily - in physical form. SPU Advokat is in direct contact with the archive system and shortens the necessary scan process of important, time-consuming steps.

The daily processing of the post items at the federal state of Styria was largely automated in 2014 by SPU - Digital Post Receipt. QR codes are used to import the post to the electronic folder (ELAK) directly and to assign it to the appropriate department.

At SSI Schäfer, around 550 employees use the existing 50 multifunction devices (MFDs). Of these, 25 machines were equipped with the authentication module from SafeQ. The pre-existing access cards are now used for the authentication on the machines to manage print jobs, scanning tasks and copies. This saves paper and toner, and protects the security of sensitive data.